List of Cebuano words starting with the letter K - Page 270



see kulugpus.



see kulúkus.



v. curl up. Mikyungkung (nakyungkung) ang núkus sa ínit nga bága, The dried squid curled up in the glowing embers. Nagkiyungkung pa gihápun ka dihà bísag taas na ang adlaw? You are still curled up there, even at this hour of the day?



n. a kiosk in a park or plaza, usually used as a bandstand or a place for resting; v. put a kiosk up s.w.



see kuyuskus.



v. 1. for something with a horizontal opening to close tightly. Mukyúum ang imbaw ug matugaw, Clams shut tight when they are disturbed. Makyúum nang samára, That wound will close. Nagkakyúum ang mga dáhun sa akasya nga nagkagabíi na, The acacia leaves are slowly closing up as night is drawing near; 2. keep the mouth shut and not talk. Mukyúum nà siya ug hisagpaan, She’ll shut up if you slap her. Kyuúmun (ikyúum) ku lang ang tinúud nga nahitabù, I’ll just keep my mouth shut as to what really happened; 3. be doubled up in fear or pain. Mikyúum siya sa pagkaigù níya sa kutukutu, He doubled up from pain when he was hit in the solar plexus; a. 1. tightly closed; 2. keeping the mouth shut.

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