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v. for something to bend in the middle under weight. Húyang ang salug kay muhuyut kun tumban, The flooring is weak because it sags when you step on it. Mihuyut (nahuyut) ang kisami, The ceiling sagged in the middle. Nagkahuyut ang salug nga húyang, Loose floor is becoming wobbly; 2. sink, as objects do in the sand or mud. Muhuyut (mahuyut) ang ímung tiil kun itunub sa lápuk, Your feet will sink if you step in the mud; a. 1. tending to sag; 2. allowing the feet to sink when stepped in.

hwasa, hwasà


see aliwása.



n. 1. sense, judgment of right and wrong. Walay hwisyu ang paggastu sa tibuuk puhúnan, It was showing poor judgment to spend all the capital; 2. state of consciousness. Gianistisyáhan ku, piru wà giyud ku mawad-i sa hwisyu, I was anesthetized, but I did not lose consciousness.

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