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n. syntax



n. 1. meaning, implication of. Laksut ug sangputánan ang sintídu sa íyang púlung, His words carried the implication of unhappy things to come; 2. final decision; v. 1. have a meaning. Tambag nga nagsintídug kasábà, Advice that was meant as a scolding; 2. hit squarely or fatally. Nakasintidu siya sa katapúsan níyang tíra, He made a hit on his last shot; 3. give one’s final, fixed decision or answer. Gisintidúhan na ang ginikánan báhin sa kasal, The parents have given their decision regarding the wedding; 3a. ask, find out one’s answer or word. Nagsintídu ku kun mahinayun ba ta, I want to get the final word from you as to whether we are going as planned; 3b. come to an agreement. Nagkasintídu na ang isig ka ginikánan báhin sa kasal, Both parents have come to an agreement about the wedding. — kumun n. common sense.

a. 1. sentimental, arousing tender sensibilities. Pilikulang sintimintal nga nakapahílak, A sentimental picture that made me cry; 2. having a sad expression on the face; v. 1. be, become sentimental; 2. put on a sad face. Nagsintimintal siya kay napildi sa madyung, He is wearing a long face because he lost in mahjong. -ista a. characterized by being sentimental.

see sintǐr.



n. centimeter.



n. one centavo. Bísan sintimus dì ka makaabut? You can’t even afford a penny? maN- costing one centavo. see also sikma.



n. centenary; v. have or celebrate a centenary.



see sintiníla.



n. sentinel; v. act as sentinel.



n. 1. sentence in court. Ang sintinsiya sa kurti nagpahamtang ug sílut nga lima ka túig sa prisuhan, The judgment of the court imposes a penalty of five years in prison; 2. obvious thing to do under the circumstances. Usa ray sintinsiya ánang bátang maldítu. Latiguha, There is just one thing to do to a mischievous child. Whip him; v. 1. impose a sentence. Gisintinsiyáhan siya ug kamatáyun, He was sentenced to death; 2. have one’s way as to how something is to be done. Pritúhun lang nà ug akuy musintinsiya ánà, If I am to have the say, we’ll just fry it. -du n. one who has been sentenced.



n. centennial; v. be a century. Musintinyal nákung panguyab níya únà mi magkatrátu, I courted her for nearly a century before we became engaged.



n. center player in games like baseball, soccer, basketball, tubigtúbig; v. play center.



v. 1. feel offended and hurt, take offense. Unsa may íyang gisintiran, ang ákung gisulti u ag ákung gibúhat? What did he feel offended at? Was it what I said, or what I did? 2. rise to the bait. Gidakup ang asáwa ug anak básun musintǐr ang púga, The wife and the child were arrested in the hope that the fugitive would come out of hiding. sintimintu, sintimyintu n. feeling of hurt, offense. Naghambin siya ug sintimintu mahitungud sa pagtratar níya, She is nursing a hurt because of the way she was treated; v. harbor a hurt feeling, without rancor. Subù siya kay nagsintimintu sa ímung pagkasábà níya, He is sad because he was hurt by your scolding.



n. 1. central school of a town; 2. mill for sugar cane; 3. (noun) sintral the dominant, central (noun). Bangku sintral, Central Bank.

n. light brown sugar obtained from sugar cane, lower in quality than the white refined sugar, but more refined than the muskubádu.



n. 1. center, point in the very middle; 1a. central portion of an area; 2. place where certain activities are concentrated. Sintru purikultúra, Puericulture center. Ang Sibu sintru sa kumirsiyu sa Bisáyas, Cebu is the center of commerce in the Visayas; 3. see sintir; v. be, put at the center.



(combining form) one hundred. Sintudyǐs, One hundred ten.



v. push work off on one another. Dì sila makasintún sa pagtrabáhu ug tagáag asaynmint káda usa, They can’t push the work off on each other if each of them has his own assignment.

a. for a voice to be flat, lacking in tonality and pitch; v. be, become, make flat. Musintunáwu ákung tíngug ug musáka ang túnu, My voice goes flat when the song rises.

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