List of Cebuano words starting with the letter R - Page 23



n. Russian.



n. route, itinerary. Ang rúta sa ámung paglangyaw muági sa Rúma, Our tour will go through Rome. Dílì ku muhatud sa Pwinti. Dílì nà ákung rúta, I don’t take passengers to the Fuente because that is not my route.



n. working in shifts or on a two-week rotational basis; v. work in shifts or on a rotation basis. Hínay ang trabáhu maung nagrutisiyun ang mga trabahanti, Business is slow so the laborers are working on a rotation basis.



n. small round park or grass island at an intersection.



a winning mahjong hand consisting of only one design. — buki n. a buki consisting of all black or all red numbers. — iskalíra see iskalíra. — midul kard a rúyal hand composed of midul kards. — pyanghaw a rúyal hand consisting of a pyanghaw.



n. 1. wheel with wooden spokes; 2. wheel or flywheel with spokes in a printing press; 3. arena or ring in a cockpit, boxing stadium, circus; v. turn around. Nagruyda ang ákung úlu sa pagkainum, My head is awhirl after I drank something Nagruyda ang palábad sa ayruplánu, The airplane propeller is whirling. Ruydáhun (iruyda) sa kábaw ang galingan sa intusan, The carabao will pull the sugar cane grinder around.

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