Meaning of yuhut



v. 1. go out, in through something, cause to do so. Ang pagyuhut sa usa ka mabiaybiáyung tamíhid sa íyang mga ngábil, When a smile of derision formed itself on his lips. Iyuhut (ipayuhut, payuhuta) ang íyang mga púlung sa píkas dalunggan, Let his words go in one ear and out the other; 2. go in or out of a place stealthily. Yuhut ta sa míting, Let’s sneak out of the meeting; 2a. do anything secretly without being observed. Nagyuhut siyag kúhag kindi sa lamísa, He sneaked a piece of candy from the table; 2b. smuggle. Wà madakpi ang miyuhut sa sigarilyu, The fellow who smuggled the cigarettes in was not caught. yuhutyuhut, yuhutyúhut v. 1. come in and go out. Giyuhutyuhútan sa hángin ang ílang payag nga nagkagusbat, The wind just blows freely through their dilapidated shack; 2. penetrate through. Dì mi makayuhutyuhut sa kabaknitan, We can not penetrate through the thickets. mag-r-(←) n. smuggler, one who sneaks things in and out.