Meaning of yapak



n. 1. soil in small pieces; 2. mud or mud puddle. Milúnang sa yapak ang bábuy, The pig wallowed in the mud puddle; v. be, become muddy. Giyapak sa mga bábuy ang ílang búngun, The pigs made the space beneath their house muddy. ka- v. 1. be full of small soil particles. Nagkayápak ang harína, The flour has got lots of soil particles in it. 2. be all covered with mud. -un a. 1. having soil particles mixed in. Bugas nga yapakun, Cereal with lots of particles of dirt in it. 2. soiled, full or splotched with mud. Yapakun ang ímung gisul-ub, You are wearing mud-splotched (soiled) clothes.



v. step on, put one’s foot on. May nagyápak sa bag-ung gitanum, someone stepped on the things I just planted. Giyapákan níla ang laráwan sa Pangúlu, They trampled on the caricature of the President.