Meaning of yamar



v. 1–5 see lyamar; 6. call out in response. Muyamar ug ‘nía’ kadtung tawgun ang ngálan, If your name is called, answer ‘here’. 6a. respond, react to stimuli. Patay na tingáli kay dì na muyamar ang íyang kamut bisan dut-úyan ug kaláyu, He must be dead because his hand does not react even if you put fire to it. 7. attract, elicit attention or interest. Wà muyamar sa katilingban ang íyang pakigpúlung, His speech did not attract the attention of the public. yamáda v. 1. call out to announce something Niyamáda siyag usa ka líbu álang sa pula, He called out a thousand-peso bet on the red cock. Ngánung wà man ka magyamáda nga gibug-atan ka na? Why did you not call out to let us know that it was too heavy for you? 2. demand, ask for something in a bossy manner. Magdagandagan intáwun ang inahan kun muyámada na ang anak ug kwarta, The poor mother runs about everywhere whenever her son demands money; n. 1. a call, loud-voiced demand; 2. the favored contestant in contests with betting.