Meaning of yabu



v. 1. pour liquids or grains off, spill them over from a receptacle. Yab-ig diyútayng túbig ang baldi kay punù ra kaáyu, Pour a little water out of the pail because it is too full. Nayab-an ug kapi ang ákung libru, Coffee spilled onto my book; 1a. take out the garbage. Nakayabu ka na bas basúra? Have you taken out the garbage? 1b. for vehicles to capsize or turn turtle. Gamayng sakayan nga sayung iyabu sa balud, A small boat that easily capsizes in the waves; 2. flop, result in resounding failure. Súgal ang nakayabu (nakapayabu) sa ílang nigusyu, Gambling caused his business to flop. Nayabu kus iksámin, I flopped badly in the test; 2a. ditch one’s sweetheart. Giyabu siyas íyang trátu, Her boy friend ditched her; 2b. throw a game. Kinsa tung muyabu sa dúlà suspindihun, Whoever throws the game will be suspended.