Meaning of witwit



a. drooping of lips, with the lower lip hanging down; v. 1. get droopy lips; 2. chirp. Langgam nga nagwitwit sa mga kakahúyan, Birds chirping in the trees; 3. complain about something, criticizing. Wà kuy kawitwítan (ikawitwit) sa ímung ági, I can find nothing to complain about in your work; 4. spread bad things about others. Ang giwitwítan, miwitwit pud. Dì nahibáwu ang tanan, Whoever received the gossip passed it on, so eventually everybody learned of it; n. 1. chirping of the birds; 2. senseless talk. Ang íyang isturya pulus witwit, Her story is all so much idle chatter. -an(→) a. 1. given to complaining and criticizing; 2. given to passing on gossip.