Meaning of wiriwiri



v. 1. for a light to flicker or for the vision to be blurred, as when one is dizzy. Nagwiriwiri ang ákung panan-aw sa pagtindug nákù, I kept seeing stars when I stood up. Hángin ang nakawiriwiri (nakapawiriwiri) sa sígas sugà, The gust of wind caused the light to flicker; 2. twisting and wriggling like worms, wrigglers. Ug ayúhun pagtan-aw daghang nagwiriwiri sa súkà, If you look at the vinegar closely you’ll see lots of wriggling things in it; a. wavering, flickering vision or light; n. wriggling things, e.g. mosquito wrigglers. (←) v. move something to and fro with a quick, jerky or shaking motion. Ig-abut nákù muwiriwíri dáyun ang íkug sa ákung irù, As soon as my dog sees me it wags its tail immediately.