Meaning of wadwad



v. 1. break the soil, as in tilling. Unsay itanum niánang dapíta nga inyung giwadwáran (giwadwad)? What are you going to plant in the area you have plowed? 1a. for a pig to dig around in something with its snout. Giwadwad sa bábuy ang linadlad, The pig dug around on the clothes put out to bleach; 2. take something out of a container to display it. Ákung iwadwad (wadwárun) ang ákung mga butang arun nímu makit-an ug nía ba dinhi ang ímung gipangítà, I’ll take my things out so you can see if what you are looking for is here; 3. work hard (slang). Kinahanglang muwadwad ug maáyu ang draybir arung kabawì sa ábang, A passenger jeepney driver has to work like hell to make enough to recover his rent.