Meaning of úu



short form: u; 1. yes. Ú, túa na ku, Yes, I’m coming; 2. in narrations, rhetorical answer to an unasked question. Misulud siya sa lángub, ú misulud dáyun siya, He went into the cave, yes, he went right in. aw — of course, it is obviously so. Aw ú, unyà ra ka mubáyad ug ihatud na nákù dinhi, Of course, you only have to pay when I deliver it. — walay tiil, íkug expression inquiring as to the sincerity of one’s intentions of doing something (humorous). ‘Muari ka unyà sa balay?’—‘Ú’—‘Ú way tiil?’ ‘Will you come to the house later?’—‘Yes.’—‘Is that yes meaning no (lit. yes without legs)?’



word said to induce young children to defecate; v. child’s word for defecate.