Meaning of *úruy



pa- n. liquor made by distilling the juice from the nipa or coconut palm bud.



1. particle with a statement that disabuses the interlocutor of his misconceptions, softening the blunting effect of the contradiction. ‘Wà pa mahuman ang trabáhu?’—‘Human na uruy!’ ‘They didn’t finish the work?’—‘Yes, they did.’ Búhì pa uruy siya, He is still alive. (You believe he died, but he is still alive.) 2. expressing contempt for something the interlocutor did. Hilakhílak uruy, mau rag dílì siyay nakaingun áning tanang kasámuk, Crying indeed! As if she were not the cause of all these troubles. Gibaratúhan ka uruy ánà mu ra ug ikay mubáyad! Oh indeed. You think it is cheap. Well, you can say that when you pay the bill; 3. (noun)-a ba — what do you mean (noun), when all there is is ... Bisitáha ba uruy, si Pidru ra diay, What visitor! It is only Pedro; 4. ngánu ba — so what if ... Ngánu ba uruy ug dílì siya muanhi. Dì magsakit ang ákung tiyan, So what if he doesn’t come. I’m not going to get a stomachache from it. 5. ada — particle expressing resignation to something bad and indicating the speaker doesn’t care. Ada uruy. Mabúhì man gihápun ta áning trabahúa, Oh, anyway, I can still make a living with this work (even though I might like to have something better). 5a. expressing contempt in dismissing something as inconsequential. uruy-úruy v. be gentle with one another, instead of treating each other with the usual gruffness. Mag-uruy-úruy ta kay wà na tay ginikánan, Let us go easy on each other because we don’t have parents any more. Bisag bantúgan siya makig-uruy-úruy siya sa ingun nátù, Though he is famous, he goes easy on people like us.