Meaning of upung



n. bunch of stems or stalks, enough to grasp in the two hands. Pila ka upung ang ímung naáni? How many bunches have you harvested? v. get a bunch of stalks, put in a bunch. Upunga ang humay, Tie the rice into bunches. -in-, upung-upung v. be all one of the same height; 1. for children to be so close they are almost of the same height. Mag-upung-upung (mag-inupung) ang inyung anak ug dílì mu magkuntrul, Your children will be so close they’ll be almost the same height if you don’t practice birth control; 2. for a crowd to be so great one can’t distinguish the different heights. Nag-inupung ang mga táwu sa plása, There was a sea of people in the plaza.