Meaning of untul



v. 1. bounce, cause something to do so. Maáyung muuntul ang gáhing búla, Hard balls bounce well; 2. rebound, fail to register or to take a firm hold on. Miuntul ang ákung gitun-an, dì na masulud sa ákung úlu, The things I studied won’t register in my head; 3. for checks to bounce. Miuntul ang tsíki nga ákung gipailísan sa bangku, The check that I cashed in the bank bounced; 4. be taken aback, stop in one’s tracks due to surprise. Miuntul (nauntul) ku pagkakità ku sa anínu, I was taken aback when I saw the shadow; 4a. have second thoughts about buying something Sa maung prisyu muuntul giyud ang pumapálit, At that price the buyers will surely have second thoughts; n. amount of bounce. untul-untul v. jounce, bounce up and down. Miuntul-untul ang sakayan sa dagkung balud, The boat was bounced around in the big waves. Muuntul-untul mulakaw ang tagabúkid bísan ug pátag na, Mountaineers bounce as they walk, even in the lowland. -um- nga humay n. kind of upland rice bearing fine, white grains that are hard to husk when pounded.