Meaning of ungkad, ungkag

ungkad, ungkag


v. 1. scatter, be, become scattered or disarrayed. Kinsay nag-ungkag sa mga papil? Who scattered the papers all over the place? Naungkag ang mga táwu dihang miuwan, The people ran in all directions when it started to rain; 2. stir or disturb the peace or calmness of. Ang dautang balità mauy miungkag sa mga lungsuránun, The bad news stirred up the townspeople; 2a. break up a home or a peaceful or friendly relationship. Maungkag ang inyung pagpuyù tungud sa ímung pagbisyu, Your home life will be broken up because of your indulgence in vice; 2b. disturb one’s sleep. Siyay miungkag sa ákung paghinánuk, She disturbed my sleep.