Meaning of ulay



n. virgin



a. 1. virgin, chaste. Úlay nga pagkababáyi, A chaste woman. Úlay untà apan putling anay diay, She’s about as much a virgin as a sow is chaste. Úlay nga lasang, Virgin forest; 2. pure, free from sin. Úlay kaáyu ang ákung gugma kanímu, My love for you is very pure; v. 1. remain chaste; 2. for a woman to be so pure her body fails to decay. Nag-úlay si Inday Putinsiyána kay ang íyang láwas walà man malatà bísag napúlù ka túig siyang gilubung, Inday Potenciana was so pure that her body hadn’t decayed ten years after she was buried. ka- n. chastity.