Meaning of úlag



v. 1. for animals to copulate. Giulágan na ang bigal sa butakal, The boar served the sow; 2. be in heat, crave intercourse. Nag-ulag na ning irúa kay hingári lang ug kúyug sa laki, This dog is in heat because it is going around with the male; 2a. behave flirtatiously to evoke masculine attention (as if in heat—somewhat coarse). Kanang íyang kinataw-an ug linihukan way láin kun dílì nag-úlag, She is laughing and acting no different from a bitch in heat; n. see kaúlag. ulag-ulag v. act immodestly by being forward to men. Ang babáying mag-ulag-ulag dì tahúrun sa mga laláki, An immodest woman is not respected by men; a. see ulágun. see also uwagúwag. -an(→) see -un. ka- n. sex urge. ma-un, -un a. sexually lustful; v. become over-sexed.