Meaning of ukyab



v. 1. be suddenly excited or startled. Miukyab ang ákung ginhawaan sa pagkahibalu nga may dakung hā́s nga nakasulud, I was startled to know that a big snake had entered the house; 1a. make an uproar due to excitement and thrill. Miukyab ang mga táwu pagpangatáwa pagkakità nílang Dulpi nga nagbinabayi, The people laughed uproariously when they saw Dolphy dressed as a woman; 2. leave hurriedly in fright. Miukyab (naukyab) ang mga langgam pagkakità námù, The flock of birds flew away upon seeing us; a. 1. talking in an upsetting, overly-frightened way. Hápit na kunu matápus ang kalibútan, pū́ng pa sa mga táwung ukyab kaáyung manulti, The people who are nervously apprehensive say the world is going to end; 2. easily stirred into doing something Ukyab kaáyu nang mga tawhána kay dalì ra kaáyung patuúhun, Those people are easily stirred up because it’s easy to lead them to believe. pa- v. 1. cause excitement or thrill. Ang íyang pagsulti nga ubsirbahan ang tanang klási nakapaukyab sa mga maistru, He got the teachers nervous by telling them that their classes would be observed; 2. flush a bird from hiding. Akuy mupaukyab sa buntug. Listus pagtíru, I will flush out the quail. Be ready to shoot; n. thrill, something causing excitement. Punù sa mga paukyab ang isturyang ditiktib, A detective story is full of suspenseful episodes. ma-un a. suspenseful.