Meaning of ukupar



v. 1. occupy or take possession of by settlement or seizure. Wà pay nakaukupar ánang isláha, No one has ever settled on that island. Ang lugar nga giukupahan sa armi, The place occupied by the army; 2. take up most of a space. Ang lamísa miukupar sa gamayng lawak, The table took up most of the space in the small room; 2a. take up time. Naukupar ang tanan kung panahun sa mga pitsipitsi, My time was taken up with trivialities. ukupádu a. 1. for a space to be occupied. Ukupádu ning lingkuranána, This seat is occupied. Ukupádu na kaáyu ang átung sakyanan, Our bus is already full; 2. busy. Ukupádu kaáyu mi kay nagpriparar sa pista, We are busy preparing for the feast; v. 1. get occupied; 2. be busy with much work.