Meaning of úkub



v. 1. cling or hold on firmly to. Miúkub ang bátà sa íyang yáya dihang ákù untà siyang kuháun, The child held on firmly to her nursemaid when I was about to take her. Miúkub na ang kula, The glue has set. Hiukuban giyud ka dihà ug lintà ug muúbug ka, If you go wading over there you will get leeches on you; 2. for two convex things to fit together at their brims. Muúkub ning duha ka kartun, These two boxes are the same size because the edges match perfectly. Nag-úkub ang duha ka ngábil, Their two lips met and held to each other; 3. bite, letting the teeth sink in, or for an insect to bite. Miúkub lang dáyun ang irù sa ákung bitíis nga wà muúsig, The dog sank its teeth in my legs without barking at me. pa- v. apply dry cupping on something to suck out undesirable matter. Nawálà ang sakit sa ákung likud nga gipaukúban, My backache disappeared after dry cupping was applied. ma-un a. penetrating, piercing (literary). Maukúbung pagsud-ung, A penetrating look.