Meaning of úkit



v. 1. peel off something with the front teeth or take little things off or apart with the fingers. Ukítun pagkáun ang pakwan, You eat watermelon seeds by peeling them with your front teeth. Mahímù nga kuku ang iúkit, You can peel it off with your fingernails; 2. pry into someone’s secrets. Ngánung mangúkit ka sa ákung kagahápun? Why do you want to pry into my past? 3. study something in detail to find something out. Nangúkit siyag unsay dipirinsiya sa mutur, He’s examining the motorcycle to see what is wrong with it. ukit-ukitan, ukit-ukitun, ma-un a. curious or nosey. Ukit-ukitun kaáyu ning táwung libakíra, This gossipmonger sure is nosey.