Meaning of ugud



short form: gud; 1. particle accompanying a statement of explanation. Ang ákù gung gianhi nímu, The reason I came here. Nangutána lang gud ku kay ... I’m asking you because ... Ang ákù gud, ug mahibaw-an unyà, The thing that I’m worried about is if he finds out. Misyágit. Tíaw mu gud sakit kaáyu, He screamed. Because imagine, it was so painful. man — because. Wà ku palita kay mahal man gud, I did not buy it because it was expensive; 1a. ugud ba particle initial in a sentence explaining why one has put a certain question. ‘Ngánung nangutána ka?’—‘Ugud ba, arun mahibáwu,’ ‘Why do you ask?’—‘Oh, I just want to know.’ ‘Ngánung nangutána kag muadtu ku?’—‘Ugud ba, náa tay ákung ipadá nímu,’ ‘Why do you ask if I’m going?’—‘I would like to have you take something for me, if you would.’ 1b. particle affirming someone’s statement casting aspersions. ‘Dátù man kahà ngánung nag-antus mag maistra?’—‘Ugud,’ ‘If she is rich, how come she puts up with teaching?’—‘I’ve been wondering that myself.’ 2. in questions or exclamations; 2a. with interrogatives: in the world. Ngánu gud nà! Why in the world should it be like that. Anus-a gud nà nímu humana, When in the world are you going to finish it? 2b. with nominal predicates: what (noun) are you talking about? Sinsíyu gud. Wà man tuy suklì, What change are you talking about? You don’t have any change coming; 2c. ba — how is it possible that (so-and-so) should happen? Kay wà pa ba guy halin? You mean to say there haven’t been any sales till now? Mangáwat ba gud ku? You think I could possibly steal? 2d. in exclamations: particle exclaiming about something discovered for the first time. Kadakù na gud nímug idad! My! How old you are! Kadaghan gud nímug gihátag, You sure gave me a lot! 3. in commands: (do so-and-so) even though you don’t want to. Sígi gud. Ihatud na lang gud ku, Come on! Take me there already! Ihátag na gud nà, Go on now, give it to him; 3a. used sarcastically in commands: why don’t you just (do). Buk-a na lang gud nang tanan. Barátu bítaw, Why don’t you just break all of them while you’re at it? They’re so cheap; 3b. ra — see ra.