Meaning of ugsud



n. 1. stake, post; 2. firewood; v. 1. drive a stake into the ground. Mag-ugsud na ta sa mga halígi sa kural, Let’s drive in the posts for the fence; 1a. throw something down with force to the ground as if driving a stake; 2. add firewood to make a flame higher. Ákung ugsúran ang ákung gilung-ag arun malútug dalì, I’ll add firewood to the fire beneath the rice I am cooking so that it will get cooked soon. ugsud-ugsud v. stamp the feet lightly, usually in childish refusal. Ayaw ugsud-ugsúra (iugsud-ugsud) nang ímung tiil ug sugúun ka, Don’t stamp your feet when you’re told to do something.