Meaning of ugpù



v. 1. leap up to defend oneself or escape. Wà makaugpù ang kawatan kay hiabtan man sa pulis, The policeman caught the thief before he was able to get out of there. Wà makaugpù ang kuntra sa dihang milayat si Rubinsun arun pagribáwun sa búla, There was nothing the other team could do when Robinson jumped to get the ball on the rebound; 2. for a child to bounce up and down when held standing. Miugpù na ang bátà, The child has reached the stage he bounces; a. characterized with a bounce in walking. Ugpù ug linakwan ning tagabúkid, Mountain folks walk with a bounce. ugpuugpù v. bounce, jounce up and down. Nag-ugpuugpù ang trák sa karsádang batsihun, The bus is jouncing on the road that is full of potholes.