Meaning of ugmad



v. 1. till the soil. Upawng yútà nga dílì ángayng ugmárun, Barren land not worth tilling; 1a. develop or cultivate a talent. Ang mga magtutudlù mauy muugmad sa mga útuk sa mga bátà, Teachers develop the minds of the children. Masápì ang talintu ug mauy maugmad, Talent that is developed is a source of livelihood; 2. build, establish. Siyay nag-ugmad sa dráma balítaw, He wrote the first drama wherein the dialogue was in the balítaw form. Giugmad níya ang únang prindahanan, She established the first pawnshop; 3. prepare rice for storage, winnowing it and allowing it to dry out somewhat. pa- v. set a paugmad fish corral; n. a kind of fish corral set in the deep waters and allowed to remain there until it falls apart. ugmaran n. something which is cultivated, worked on for one’s livelihood. Ang dágat mauy ugmaran sa ílang panginabúhì, The sea is the source of their livelihood. kaugmáran n. development, something attained by cultivation. Siyay nagpaluyu sa kaugmáran sa pruyiktu sa riklamasiyun, He was behind the development of the reclamation project. mag-r- n. peasant. paN- n. occupation of tilling.