Meaning of udtu



n. 1. twelve o’clock, for the sun to be overhead. — nga láruk, tútuk, tuktuk high noon; 2. for the moon or something else to be overhead in the heavens at the noon position. see also phases of the moon under búlan; v. 1. be noon. Muláruk ang adlaw ug maudtu na, The sun reaches its zenith when it is noon; 1a. for a heavenly body to get into the noon position; 2. do something till noon. Hiudtuhan (naudtuhan) siyag pagwápa atubángan sa ispíhu, She primped in front of the mirror the whole morning until noon; 3. do something at noon time. Maudtu ray ákung ipahúway, I take a rest only at noon time. hiN- v. 1. be almost high noon. Ínit kaáyu ang adlaw ug muhingudtu (mahingudtu) na, The sun becomes hot when it’s almost noon time; 2. slice the terminal portion of a coconut bud to induce sap to flow regularly at noon; 2a. gather coconut palm toddy at noon. panghiN- v. do something at noon one doesn’t normally do at noon, e.g. have sexual intercourse. Dúgay siyang miabut sa upisína kay nanghingudtu pa man, He arrived late at the office, because he still had his noon intercourse. udtuhan n. zenith. Ang búwan náa sa udtuhan, The moon is at the zenith. kaudtúhun n. noon time. Ang kaudtúhun ínit kaáyu, At noon time it is very hot. pani- n. lunch, lunch time; v. have, eat lunch. udtúhun, udtuudtu n. a tiny, poisonous black snake having bright reddish-orange eyes, so called because its poison is said to kill the victim at noon. tali- n. time just before noon. udtuhun n. coconut palm toddy gathered at noon.