Meaning of udlut



n. 1. young leaf, leaf bud; 2. one who belongs to the upper class or top level of society. Ikaw kay udlut magpataas ug aku kay laylay magpaubus, You, who are of the upper class, should stay on top while I, who am of the dregs, should remain down where I belong; v. 1. sprout leaf buds. Miudlut (nangudlut, giudlútan) na ang ákung manan-aw, My orchid is budding; 2. for the flesh to swell in forming scar tissue in a place where there was a wound or boil. Kining samára ang giudlútan sa prisku nga unud, This is the wound where scar tissue formed; 3. pick the top of leafy plants. Ang kanding mauy miudlut (nangudlut) sa ákung agbáti, The goat chewed off the leaf buds of my alugbáti. ting- n. time for sprouting new leaves of plants, trees, etc. -an(→) n. the topmost part of the tree in monocots.