Meaning of tuwad



v. 1. be in position with the rump stuck out and the body downward. Ilúhi nang bátà kay nagtuwad na, Wipe the child now that he is thrusting out his rump; 1a. for something horizontal to be lower at the tail end. Nagtuwad ang sakayan kay bug-at sa prúwa, The boat is low at the bow because too much weight was put in front; 2. overturn something bottoms up. Tuwara (ituwad) ang bisiklíta kay átung ilísag ligid, Turn the bicycle upside down because I will change the tire; 3. scrutinize something carefully to find a mistake or falsity. Bísan pag tuwarun ninyu siya, mudukut giyud siya sa íyang diklarasiyun, No matter how well you cross-examine him he will stick to his declaration. (←) n. (colloquial — somewhat coarse) 1. fruit or product of one’s effort or endeavor. Nabúhì siya sa dílì íyang túwad, He lives on the fruit of others’ efforts; 2. children. Akuy musúgù sa ákung mga anak kay ákung túwad, I’ll tell my children what to do because they are my own; 3. work. Ákù ang tanang túwad sa balay, I do all the work in the house. (←) tuáli v. 1. be in complete disorder, disrupted. Usba nang trabahúa kay nagtúwad tuáli, Redo that work because it’s all a mess. Dì ku mangilábut ninyu bísag túwad tualíhun ninyu ang inyung kinabúhì, I won’t interfere. You may make a mess of your life if you like; 2. see tuwad, v3. ka-(←) tuáli v. be in complete disorder. tuwadtúwad v. 1. see tuwad, v3. 2. expend a great deal of effort in something Nagtuwadtúwad ug hílak, Crying for all he was worth.