Meaning of tuun



v. 1. teach. Si Mánuy nagtuun nákug bisiklíta, My brother taught me how to ride a bicycle. Tun-i siyag languy, Teach her how to swim; 2. study. Dì na nà tun-an kay sayun da, You don’t have to study that because it’s easy; 2a. study, put something under consideration. Tun-an pa nákù tung ímung tanyag, I will still put your offer under consideration; 3. attend school. Ayawg intra sa ínum kay nagtuun ka pa, Don’t take up drinking because you are still studying; 4. learn from. Didtu siya makatuun ug panúlis sa munti, He learned about robbery in prison. -anan n. something to be studied. hiN-(←) a. studious. Hinúun siya, buguk lang, He studies hard, only he is stupid. matulun-ánun a. educational, giving lessons. Matulun-ánun nga lílas, An instructive movie; v. be instructive, educational. pag- n. 1. studies, schooling. Nahúnung ang íyang pagtuun paggíra, His studies were interrupted by the war; 2. action of putting something under analytic consideration or advisement. pagtulun-an n. 1. teachings, moral lesson. Pagtulun-an sa sugilánun, The moral lesson of the story; 2. lesson in school. see also kat-un.



v. 1. be directed towards a focus. Wà ku makakità nímu kay didtu magtúun ang ákung mata sa ladlad, I didn’t see you because my eyes were focused on the wares that were on display. Dì matúun ang gás sa bàbà sa butilya ug way imbúdu, Kerosene will not get directly into the mouth of the bottle if there is no funnel; 2. put a child on the patty. (→) v. happen coincidentally with something else. Wà mi magsábut kay natuun lang sa pag-abut, We had no agreement. We just arrived at the same time by coincidence. Ituun ug Duminggu ang kasal, Have the wedding on a Sunday.