Meaning of tutal



it does not matter, in any event (so-and-so) is the case. Pahagka ku bi. Tutal, kaslúnun na man ta, Let me kiss you. Anyway, we are going to get married. Ákù lang gibilin. Tutal, mubalik pa man ku, I just left it. Anyway, I was going to come back for it. Ngánu bag mag-úlan? Tutal, díay ákung páyung, What if it rains? Anyway, I have my umbrella.



v. 1. add up. Búgù giyug aritmitik ang nagtútal íni, The one who added this up must be slow in arithmetic; 2. sum up advantages and disadvantages, pro’s and con’s, etc. Ug tutálun nátù, ikaw ang alkansi sila ang nak aganansiya, If we analyze it, you are on the losing end and they gain.