Meaning of tunung



directly at a point. Naigù ang langgam tunung giyud sa kasingkásing, He hit the bird right in the heart; v. 1. zero in on a mark, go directly to something Dihà mutunung sa íyang úlu ang napúwak nga lubi, The coconut fell right on his head. Dì kung katunung sa buhù sa dágum kay kurug ku, I cannot get the thread into the eye of the needle because I’m shaking. Wà magtúnung ang mga batúnis ug uhális, The buttons and buttonholes don’t exactly align; 2. happen at a particular time, coincide with a certain other event. Natunung nga bakasiyun ang pagkasakit nákù, I got sick just when it was vacation time. Itunung (tungna) sa Anyu Nuybu ang inugurasiyun, The inauguration is set for New Year’s day; 3. get something (good or bad) as one’s lot. Nakatunung kug silyang tughuun sa sinihan, Of all the seats in the theater I had to pick one that was infested with bugs. Tungna nang asáwang paraygun, Pick a wife that asks for affection; 4. have the presence of mind to do something Hastang kulbáa nákù. Wà ku katunung ug dágan, How shaken I was! I didn’t have the presence of mind to run; n. something aimed at. Milakaw siyang way tunung, He walked out without going anywhere in particular. Láin siyag tunung, He has an evil purpose.