Meaning of tungud



1. because, due to. Napúkan si Samsun tungud ni Dilayla, Samson fell because of Delilah. Tungud kay nalísang ku, Because I was afraid; 1a. in set usage in prayers: ‘in the name of’. Tungud sa timáan sa Santa Krus, sa ámung mga áway bawíun mu kami, Ginúung Diyus námù..., By the sign of the Holy Cross deliver us from our enemies, our Lord God ... 2. by, at a place. Ihúnung ang dyíp tungud ánang balay, Stop the jeep by that house; 3. directly beneath. Dúnay subwi tungud ning átung gitindúgan, There is a subway directly beneath where we are standing; v. 1. put directly beneath. Kinsay nagtungud (nagpatungud) ánà sa bintánà? Hilud-an hinúun, Who put that beneath the window? someone spat on it. Itungud (ipatungud) ang baldi sa grípu, Put the pail directly under the faucet; 2. go under the house to peep. Kinsa guy gustung mutungud ug tigúlang, Who likes to peep at an old woman? 3. be at, near, or directly beneath something Sirbátu kun matungud na ta sa taw-ang dákit, Blow your horn when we get near the enchanted banyan tree; 4. be concerned, referred to. Álang niadtung hitungdan, To whom it may concern. Kadtung hitungdan sa ákung sulti, Those referred to by my words; 4a. aim at something or someone Ngánung mau man puy inyung tungdun ug insultu ang hilumun? Why do you aim your insults to one who does not even talk? n. 1. the place directly below, directly across; 2. niadtung tungúra at that particular juncture, moment. Niadtung tungúra pagkadisgrasya níya gipangulbaan ku, That instant when he met his accident I was terrified. (←) v. 1. put, arrange one exactly beneath or opposite the other. Akuy mutúngud sa naghiwì nga dubul dik, I will put the double-deck beds exactly beneath each other. Wà magtúngud ang butúnis ug uhális, The buttons and the buttonholes are not exactly opposite each other; 2. look down searchingly into the sea for fish. Nagtúngud ang mananagat ug maáyung panaun, The fisherman is looking into the sea for a good fish to spear. tungudtúngud v. make a pass at a girl or boy. Dúsi pa siya piru daghan nang nagtungudtúngud (nagpatungudtúngud) níya, She is only twelve but lots of boys are making passes at her. pa- v. go beneath, near. Mipatungud siya sa ákung lawak, He went directly under my room. pahiN- v. 1. give someone something by way of thanks. Kay mitábang man ka mupahinungud ku nímu ug diyis písus, Because you helped I will give you ten pesos as thanks; 2. dedicate, do something in honor of someone Nagpahinungud ang lungsud ug mísa álang sa minatay, The town offered a mass in honor of the dead. Kining kantáha ákung ipahinungud nímu, This song I dedicate to you; n. something offered as thanks or as a dedication. ka-, ka-(←) n. right, privilege. May katungud (katúngud) kang mahibalu kúmu asáwa, You have the right to know, being the wife. katungdánan n. 1. duty. Katungdánan sa anak ang pagsirbi sa ginikánan, It is a child’s duty to serve his parents; 2. office, position. Taas siyag katungdánan sa gubirnu, He holds a high office in the government. pangatungdánan v. hold a position. tag-, tag-(←) n. someone who owns, has responsibility over something Gustung ipalubung dáyun sa tagtungud (tagtúngud) ang minatay, The family (lit. concerned party) wants to have the body buried at once. hinungdan n. cause of, reason for. Unsay hinungdan nga miundang ka? What is the reason you quit? way — a. good-for-nothing, useless. Way hinungdan tawhána gipabantay, natū́g na hinúun, He is useless! He is supposed to stand guard but he is sleeping; v. cause. Ang mga pabrika mauy nakapahinungdan sa pag-uswag sa dápit, The factories brought about progress in the place. pakahinungdan v. consider something important. Dì nátù pakahinungdánun ang milabay na, Let’s not give importance to what has already passed. hinungdánun, mahinungdánun a. important. Hinungdánun nga túyù, Important business. mahi-/maha- about. Magsulti ta mahitungud sa Biyitnam, Let us talk about Vietnam. nahiN- n. thing pertaining to. Mau ray ílang gihisgutan ang nahinungud sa nigusyu, All they talked about was matters of business. tungdunun n. stars, constellations, or landmarks used by fishermen, navigators, as a guide.