Meaning of tubus



v. 1. redeem, save from. Ang ímung bahandì dì makatubus sa mahúgaw mung ngalan, Your wealth cannot redeem your filthy name. Gitubus sila ni Muysis gíkan sa kaulipnan, They were saved from slavery by Moses; 2. in games where several people play in turns, take a player’s turn for him to keep him from losing his turn (e.g. when a player is in a difficult position, for someone better to play for him for that one move). 2a. take someone else’s place in his absence or in the event of his inability. Akuy mutubus ug káun sa ímung báhin kay dì ka man muadtu, I’ll eat your share because you aren’t going. Dì ku makatubus sa ímung trabáhu kay mulakaw man ku, I can’t take your work over for you because I’m going out. katubsánan n. redemption. maN-r-(←) n. redeemer; Christ the Redeemer.