Meaning of tsáns



n. 1. chance, possibility for something to happen. May tsáns kahang mabúhì siya, Is there a chance that she will live? 2. chance, opportunity. Mangupya ang istudiyanti kun dúnay tsáns, The student cheats if he gets the chance; 3. chances of attaining something Dakug tsáns kang madáwat, You have good chances of getting the job. Wà kay tsáns níya, You don’t have a chance with her; v. get a chance, opportunity. Makatsáns lang mig háluk sa sinihan, We get the chance to kiss only in the movie house. — pasindyir n. stand-by passenger without reservations; v. go on a stand-by basis. -ing v. touch someone with the intention of making sexual advances (humorous). Dílì kaduúlag babáyi nis Abil. Mutsansing giyud siya dáyun, No woman dares get near Abel because he’ll try her out if she does.