Meaning of trís



number three; v. 1. get to be three, make something three. Mutrís na siya karung Marsu, He’ll be three this March. Hápit na siya matrís, di pa gihápun kalakaw, He’s almost three and he still can’t walk. Trísa (itrís) lang ning isdà, Let me have this fish for three pesos (lit. make it three pesos). 2. give or get three (pesos, centavos, etc.). Kinsang maistráha nagtrís nímu? Which teacher gave you a grade of three? Nakatrís ku sa paglinimpiya, I earned three pesos polishing shoes; 3. incur expenses amounting to three. Hitrísan ku sa búlang, I lost three pesos in the cockpit. alas — three o’clock. — andánas n. three-storey building. — anyus three years. tris-adus a. 1. vision that is cross-eyed; 2. three-to-two odds in betting; v. be cross-eyed. Nagtris-adus ang ímung panan-aw, You are cross-eyed. — bandas n. three-sided billiards, where the ball is made to bounce off three edges. tris-idus see tris-adus. — kantus n. three-edged blade, file, or anything that can have three edges. — kwartas three-fourths. — nuybis n. in mahjong, a combination of three nines of different designs, one of the iksibisiyun combinations. — únus an iksibisiyun combination in mahjong of three one’s. -ay n. betting for three (centavos, pesos) each time; v. bet three each play. Magtrisay tag baráha, Let’s play cards with three-peso bets. -un a. of the three (peso, centavo) kind. Trisun man nang gidak-úna, That size costs three pesos each. tag- a. three centavos (pesos) each. tag-un a. of the type that costs three centavos (pesos).