Meaning of típun



v. 1. put, be together, join in a group. Dì siya mutípun sa mga pundukpunduk, He doesn’t mingle with groups. Iniglaba ayawg tipúna ang putì ug dikulur, In doing the laundry don’t put the white and colored clothes together. Malatà nang prutása ug itípun sa lataun, That fruit will get rotten if you put it together with rotten ones; 2. live together. Pait ikatípun ning kusug muháguk, It’s terrible to live with someone who snores; 3. live as a common-law couple. Magtípun lang ta, way kasalkásal, Let’s just live together without getting married; n. being together. Típun mi niadtug kwartu, We were roommates formerly. tipuntipun n. kind of edible cerith shells, ½″–1″ long, mud-colored or black, found on rocks or mangrove trees. -in- n. something that has been put together. Tinípung Bansa, United States. Tinípung Kanasúran, United Nations. ka- n. housemate. ka-an n. the Katipúnan, a secret revolutionary society which aimed at independence from Spain. katipuníru n. a member of the Katipúnan; v. become a katipuníru. panag- n. 1. living together, esp. as a couple; 2. gathering, coming together.