Meaning of timpu



n. 1. time, chance. Wà kuy timpu ihalayhálay, I have no time for relaxation; 2. time, schedule. Timpu sa tingkaun ra mi magkitaay, We meet only at mealtime; 3. weather. Mubyáhi ka bísag dautag timpu? Are you travelling even in bad weather? 4. season. Timpu sa pagpangáni karun, It’s harvest season now; 4a. propitious time to do something Timpu na run sa íyang himbis, According to the scale configuration on its legs, now is the time to fight it. 5. era, period. Timpu sa Katsílà pa nang ímung purul, Your shorts go back to the Spanish times; 6. tempo. Swít ang timpu íning sunatáha, This dance is in a slow tempo. paN- v. do something at the best time. Manimpu siyag súgal, kanà lang dibuynasun, He gambles only when the time is right, when it’s his lucky day; n. doing something at the best time. timputimpu v. do something at the right season. Itimputimpu (timputimpúhun) ang pagtanum kun way patubig, Planting is done in the right season if there’s no irrigation; a. from time to time. Timputimpu nga musáka us-us ang prisyu, Prices fluctuate from time to time.