Meaning of tayming



n. 1. timing, the way something is made to coincide with something else; 2. timing in music, rate of beating; 2a. tempo. Rumba ang tayming íni, dì tanggu, This is a rumba beat, not tango; 2b. sense of rhythm. Maáyug tayming nang batáa sa íyang pagkanta, That boy sings with very good timing; a. 1. well, opportunely timed. Tayming kaáyu ang ámung pag-abut sa íla kay nagbinignit sila, We timed our arrival perfectly because they were serving binignit. 2. in time, rhythmical. Tayming kaáyu ang istíping sa íyang sáyaw sa ákung kanta, His dance steps are in time with my song; v. 1. synchronize, do something so as to make it correspond with something else; 2. happen on, get a chance to. Nakatayming siyag baylig gwápa, He happened to dance with a pretty girl. paN- v. take a chance on. Panayming lag ansir. Siliksiyun tayip bítaw, Take a chance on your answer. Anyway it’s a multiple-choice exam.