Meaning of tayim



n. 1. time, o’clock. Unsay ímung tayim, What time do you have? 2. time at which something is scheduled to begin or end. Daliag human kay hápit na ang tayim, Finish it quickly because it’s almost time; 3. time, chance. Wà kuy tayim pagrilaks, I don’t have time to relax. — pa 1. time out, let me have some more time. Tayim pa. Wà pa kung katágù, Time out. I haven’t hidden yet; 2. just a minute. Tayim pa kay tawgun ku siya, Just a minute. I’ll call her; 3. just a second, I’ll be right back. Tayim pa. Ákung kuháun, Just a second. I’ll get it. 4. excuse me, let me interrupt or change the subject. Tayim pa ra gud, kinsa tu? Excuse me. Who did you say it was? 5. excuse me (correcting oneself). Muabut sa Lúnis. Tayim pa diay, sa Martis, He is arriving on Monday, I mean, on Tuesday. — awut see tayimpa, 1.. v. 1. ascertain the time, rate. Taymi kung magtayip, Time me typewriting; 2. be time to start or end. Buhíi ang klási kay hápit na mutayim (matayim), Dismiss the class because it’s almost time; 3. say ‘time out’, ‘wait a second’. Sa ríng dì ka makatayim ug kupúgan ka na sa kuntra, In the ring you can’t ask for time-out when your opponent mauls you.