Meaning of tawid



v. 1. cross; go over to the other side. Nagtawid na sa taytáyan ang trák, The truck is crossing the bridge now. Kining barkúha dì makatawid ug dagkung lawud, This boat cannot cross large seas; 2. leave, go away from a place. Mitawid ang mga tulisan pag-abut sa písi, The robbers vanished when the P.C. arrived; n. opposite side, place across.



n. meadow, uncultivated grassland for pasturing. Adtu nákù itugway ang mga báka sa táwid, I’ll pasture the cows in the meadow; v. be, become a meadow. Natáwid ang ámung yútà nga wà kultibaha, The piece of land that wasn’t tilled turned into a meadow.