Meaning of táup



v. 1. pierce deep. Mitáup ang udiyung sa íyang dughan, The arrow pierced deep into his breast; 2. for the sound of something one cannot see to fade away. Natáup ang tíngug sa nagkalayung ayruplánu, The sound of the airplane faded as it got further and further away. paN- v. 1. sink, disappear below the level of. Nanáup ang barku sa pagkalúnud niíni. Bisan pálu wà makítà, The ship was completely hidden when it sank. Even the mast could not be seen on the surface of the water. Nanáup ang bátà sa daghang táwu, The child disappeared in the midst of the crowd; 2. for a score to be at the lowest, or at the bottom. Sa lima ka tím, íla rang iskur ang nanáup, Of the five teams, their score was the lowest.