Meaning of tarug



v. 1. budge a little. Ígù lang natarug ang kutsing ákung gitúlud, The car I was pushing just barely budged; 2. for something implanted to become loose. Manghíngù na ang bátà kay nagkatarug na íyang ngípun, The child will soon lose his teeth now that they are getting loose; 3. for feelings to be moved, softened. Bisan lúhà dì makatarug (makapatarug) sa íyang balatían, Even tears cannot move his feelings; a. something planted that is loose. Húmuk na ibtun ang lansang kay tarug na, It’s easy to pull the nail out now because it’s loose; n. a loose tooth. Ipaibut na ímung tarug, Have your loose tooth pulled.