Meaning of tapad, tápad

tapad, tápad


v. 1. stay, put beside something Nakatapad kug gwápa sa dyíp, I sat beside a pretty girl in the jeep. Ayaw sila tapára, Don’t put them next to each other. Itapad nang diksiyunári kun magbásag librung lisud, Put the dictionary beside you when you read a difficult book; 2. stay next to someone to keep him company. Bisan dì ka mukáun, tapari ku diri, Even if you don’t eat anything, sit here to keep me company; n. 1. someone sitting beside someone else; 2. next. Ang ámung báy tápad (tapad) sa íla, Our house is next to theirs. (←) v. 1. compare so as to match. Gwápa ka kun tapáran ug maksut (maksut ang itápad nímu), You are pretty if you are compared with an ugly person (if an ugly person is put next to you). 2. match a cock with another for a cockfight. Way mutápad sa ákung manuk nga maáyu mulabuk, No one will match his cock with mine because it is good in fighting; n. comparison. Dì siya maiwit sa tápad, He does not lose out in comparison. taparan n. place where cocks are usually matched for a cockfight. ka-(←) seatmate. Siyay ákung katápad sa klási, He is my seatmate in class.