Meaning of támak



v. 1. step on something Aruy! Ímung gitamákan ang ákung kalyu, Ouch! You stepped on my corn; 2. come to, set foot on a place. Wà matámak sa mga Katsílà ang kamurúsan, The Spaniards never set foot on Muslim soil; 3. trample down by abuse of position or authority. Tamákan ka kun magpaubus ka, People will step on you if you don’t assert your rights. — sa dungug v. dishonor, insult. Ang ímung pagkadisgrasya nagtámak sa átung dungug, Your pregnancy has brought dishonor to us. pa- v. place something beneath a religious image in the belief that the saint will do to the owner of the object whatever the person who put the object there prayed for him to do (good or bad). -in-an n. something placed beneath a saint’s image in this belief. -l-an(→) n. doormat.