Meaning of talampad



v. 1. place things in a row across something Magtalampad tag butilya sa paril kay magpunta blangku ta, Let us arrange bottles in a row because we will have target practice. Italampad ning mga batu sa yanang arun náay átung katumban, Arrange these rocks in a row across the mud puddle so we have something to step on. 2. compare. Tampárun nátù sila ug kinsay kinagwapahan, Let us compare them and see who is the prettiest. Ayawg itampad ang ákung pinintal sa kang Amursúlu, Don’t compare my paintings with those of Amorsolo. tamparay v. compare with each other. Makigtamparay siya sa ákung núts, He wanted to compare notes with me.