Meaning of takdù



exactly, no more and no less. Takdù karung diyis anyus ang átung kaminyúun, We have been married for exactly ten years today. Takdù sa gikasabútan, In exact accordance with their agreement. Takdù giyud sa nahitabù ang íyang tahù, His report turned out to be exactly in agreement with what had happened. — ang búwan for the moon to be full; v. 1. for things that are joined to fit exactly at their point of junction, make something fit. Walà mutakdù ang takub sa kaban, The cover of the trunk doesn’t fit squarely. Takdúa (itakdù) ang duha ka iskína arun tíkup, Have the corners meet and fit to make it tight; 2. coincide, be in agreement with each other; make things be in agreement. Ang íyang kamatáyun ug ang ímung damgu nagkatakdù lang, His death and your dream were just a coincidence. Itakdù ang ímung bakak sa akúa arun katuúhan, Make your lie be in accordance with mine so they will be plausible; 3. be appropriate. Kinahanglang mutakdù ang ímung isul-ub sa ukasiyun, Your attire must fit the occasion; 3a. be on compatible terms with each other. Nagkatakdù ang duha ka buringug, The two fools hit it off nicely. -in-an n. point of junction, place something meets.