Meaning of tái



n. 1. feces of people and animals; 2. in the game of bíku, the act of stepping on the line; 3. dross from molten metal. Tigúma ang tái sa kalbúru kay ipintal ta sa batu, Keep the dross of melted carbide because we can use it to paint the stones. dakung — see dakù; v. get feces on it. Mataíhan (mataihan) nang hapin ug iságul sa taíhun, That diaper will get feces on it if you put it with the dirty ones. taitai v. 1. do something with difficulty and turn out poor results. Nagtaitai kus iksámin. Hagbung ku adtu, I found the examination hard. I’ll probably fail it. 1a. — ang búhat do one piece of work after another and leave most everything unfinished. Dì ku gustung magtaitai ang ákung búhat, I don’t want to begin another job before I finish the work at hand; 2. for a pen not to function well, resulting in dirty penmanship; 3. for plants to be growing at different heights in one field or bed. Init ang nakataitai (nakapataitai) pagtúbu sa mga mais, The heat of the sun caused the corn plants to grow at different heights. hiN- v. 1. take out entrails of animals; 2. clean the entrails of feces. Paghinái nákù sa bábuy, napisà ang apdu, When I took the pig’s entrails, I squashed the gall bladder; 3. have a woman for sexual intercourse. ka- v. get feces all over it. taíhun a. dirty with feces. -in- see tinái.