Meaning of tahud



n. spur of fowls and birds; v. 1. get one’s spurs. Walà pa tadhi ang sunuy, The rooster hasn’t gotten his spurs yet; 2. become experienced. tadhan a. experienced and authoritative in one’s line of work. Tadhan siyang kusiníru, He is an experienced cook. tahudtahud n. 1. growths on the body, usually near the joints, which look like the spurs of the rooster; 2. small boils on small children’s heads.



v. 1. obey. Tahúra úsà ang ákung gipabúhat úsà magdúwà, Do what I tell you to before you play; 2. respect. Tahúra ang ímung ginikánan, Respect your parents; 2a. use an address of respect to an elder. Nagtáhud siya nákug Tiyù, He addresses me as Uncle; n. 1. respect; 2. address of respect. Púpuy ang ámung táhud níya, We addressed him as Grandpa. pa-(→) v. be arrogant, demanding of more respect than one has the right to. À, mu pay muhangyù mau pay mupatáhud! Hm, here you go acting as if you want me to kiss your feet when you are asking me for a favor! tahuray v. respect each other. Ángay magtahuray ang managsúun, Brothers must respect each other. katahúran, pangatahúran n. words of greeting. Nangáyù mig pangatahúran (katahúran) apan way mitubag nga tagbalay, We called out greetings but no one in the house answered. pangatahúran v. say words of respect or greetings. Nangatahúran sila paglabay sa párì, When the priest passed by they greeted him. matinahúrun a. 1. respectful; 2. short for kanímu matinahúrun in the complimentary closing of a letter: ‘Respectfully yours’. talahúrun n. term of address to a person of distinction. Duha sila ka táwu, talahúrun, There were two of them, sire.