Meaning of tahas






n. 1. task or duty one must fulfill prior to acquiring possession of supernatural powers. Dúnay táhas únà makahuput ug urasiyun, You must perform a task before you may acquire a magic formula; 2. mission one is bound by vow or otherwise to accomplish. Matag táwu adúnay táhas sa kalibútan, Each man has a mission on this earth; v. 1. make a vow to accomplish something Tahásun ku ang pagtúman sa íyang túgun, I will make it my mission to fulfill her commands; 2. assign as a mission. Akuy gitahásan pagpatay nímu, I was entrusted with a mission to kill you; 3. able to be in some place alone without fear. Makatáhas ka bag mintiryu? Do you dare go to the cemetery alone?